Contingency Staffing:

You may have significant growth plans but do not have talented people to fulfill . Quality Staffing is committed to – and capable of – fulfilling your needs . We propose Contingency recruiting partnership – meaning no up-front costs to engage our recruiters in your search . We are confident in the strength of our proven process to assist you in achieving your goal .

Executive Search and Database:

Identifying, screening and assessing right leadership talent for Senior Executives and Top Management roles require deep understanding of the client’s business objectives and strategy, domain knowledge and Industry experience. With years of experience in the Indian recruitment industry, we have not only built industry knowledge but solid network among the c-level executives across the domains. We can help you hire the right person to occupy the C-Suite roles in your organization .

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO):

RPO is outsourcing of partial/complete recruitment cycle to an external vendor. By outsourcing non-core elements of your recruitment processes to us, your HR team can dedicate more time to core areas such as employee interaction and other high value activities. Our tailored and measurable RPO solutions come with stringent SLA’s and significantly increases your recruitment effectiveness.


Talent. Passion. Ingenuity. That’s what the startup ecosystem runs on. It requires specialized expertise to recognize the required mindset to work in a startup. Startups look for people who are on mission, not just looking for a job; people who can show their skills, not just claim it; and people who are interested in work , not just validation and approval. Quality Staffing has an unrivaled experience in finding such talented individuals. Our goal is to put the right talent at right place. We have been doing it for many VC- funded tech startups.

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